Finding College Cash in Tough Times


This special DVD course from Ben Kaplan cuts through the confusing regulations, mind-numbing jargon, and information overload to provide the inside scoop on higher education funding.  Instead of frustration, you will experience a paying-for-college epiphany--learning how to win merit scholarships, maximize need-based financial aid, invest funds in college savings plans, receive a tuition tax deduction, minimize student loan interest, and even slash tuition through free testing credits.

Better yet, this course saves you 50-60 hours of additional work by positioning you for bigger financial aid awards and larger tuition discounts at the same time as you search for scholarships.  It's the same effort but TWICE the results.

Quite simply, the goal of this course is to provide you with the highest-impact techniques and tactics that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars more in extra college cash.  Getting more college grants has never been easier!

Ben’s course has received widespread acclaim from students, parents, and educators alike. Those participating in the course often remark that Ben not only provides a wealth of useful information, but does so in a way that motivates and inspires.  In fact, this course is so engaging that Ben has even presented it to students and parents at Walt Disney World... where he received a standing ovation!

This is one scholarship and financial aid presentation that isn't boring at all... and really brings home the college cash.

Topics Covered: 

Some of the topics Ben covers in this course include:

  • How to maximize need-based financial aid
  • How to position yourself for more grants and less loans
  • How to successfully appeal an initial financial aid offer
  • How to save and invest for college even with a tight budget
  • How to secure hidden tax benefits for higher education
  • How to obtain student loan discounts
  • How to slash 25 percent off of college costs using "free credits"
  • How to locate colleges that value and nurture what you have to offer
  • How to "paint a portrait" in your written applications
  • How the current financial crisis impacts college funding strategies
  • How to find scholarships with big awards and few applicants
  • How to develop a winning application theme
  • How to make an emotional connection with scholarship judges
  • How to discover the "hidden" judging criteria for any scholarship

For each of these topics, Ben doesn't just present the material: He engages the viewer with a wide range of visual, auditory, and physical cues that make learning enjoyable.

Video Sampler: 
DVD Excerpt: Maximizing Need-Based Aid

In this excerpt from the Finding College Cash in Tough Times DVD, Ben Kaplan discusses important secrets of maximizing need-based financial aid.  The great thing about this DVD is that it reveals a lot of the common mistakes families make when applying for aid that reduce their financial aid packages without even knowing it!
DVD Excerpt: Getting Better Recommendation Letters

In this DVD excerpt, Ben Kaplan talks about how great recommendation letters aren't an accident:  They result from a communications strategy initiated by the student that empowers your recommendation writers to give you the best possible letter.
Special Features: 

This special enhanced DVD has bonus electronic features that go beyond your typical DVD.  By inserting this DVD into your computer, you'll also be able to use and print the following resources:

  • Identify Your Unique Scholarship Profile written tutorial
  • Search Profile Worksheet
  • Personal Scholarship Profile Questionnaire
  • Search Internet Scholarship Databases written tutorial
  • Scholarship Database Tracking Form
  • Ben Kaplan's personal presentation notes and outline
  • Ben Kaplan's final quiz on workshop material
Product Reviews: 

Al B. (Student) - New York, NY

“After attending your presentation, I was finally inspired and motivated to apply for scholarships. I have received a dozen scholarships so far.... In fact, I’ve won enough that my first year at NYU will be free of charge. I wrote this letter to thank you personally for all that your advice has meant to me.”

Brock L. (Student) - Chicago, IL

"Ben opened my eyes to a bigger and better world. I came home with pages and pages of notes, and a clear path for scholarship success. Ben's optimism and energy truly inspired me."

California Opportunity and Access Program

"The seminar resulted in a throng of people energized, excited, and empowered. Families felt, for what appeared to be the first time, that college was financially within the reach of their children. What's more, Ben made it fun! It's not extravagant to claim that I have never promoted an event that turned out as well as Ben Kaplan's presentation to my families."

--Eddie LaMeire, Associate Director

Clackamas High School

"I greatly enjoyed all of the "pearls" from Ben.  I especially liked the stories that related to the tips because I can use them with my students. However, what I liked best was his genuine enthusiasm regarding this complicated topic.  As a ASPIRE advisor, I feel very much inspired to help our kids!  
--Ellie Nagai, ASPIRE Advisor

Desiree T. (Adult Returning Student) - Portland, OR

“Ben has the innate skill to present his key points in an ‘unforced’ type of teaching. The way he uses humor and involves the audience by verbally backtracking together causes the audience to unconsciously memorize his key points. His teaching style works wonders and allows the information to go straight to long-term memory. He is simply a great speaker.”

Emmanuel Gospel Center

“The feedback on Ben’s wonderful workshop has been nothing but positive! Ben was a blessing to all who attended.”

--Imani Smith, Project Coordinator

High School of Fashion Industries

"Ben Kaplan's presentation was inspiring, motivational, and powerful. His clear and detailed explanation, coupled with useful tips and lots of laughs was an inspiration for our students. His energy and enthusiasm about the college process was truly contagious!"

--Amy Holcombe, College Counselor

Lee University

"You should have seen all of the students and parents who were madly taking notes on all that Ben had to say. He really knocked them over with all of the useful information he gave. His presentation was so much more than we expected!"

--Tracey James, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Lincoln County School District

“Ben really connected with the students—which was evident every time he asked for participation from the audience and had immediate feedback. That isn’t always the case with high school students! Ben’s energetic, interactive presentation is quite possibly life changing for students who have not been able to see the light with conventional conveyers of college and financial aid information. What an awakening!”
--Barb Fowler, Guidance Counselor

Mason T. (Student) - Houston, TX

"My freshman year of high school was very dismal for me.  I had been in a state of depression where I wouldn't put any effort into my school work and social life.... I was so inspired and motivated by Ben that when I returned to school I was a changed man.  Now I am successfully making straight As in all of my honors courses.  Also, I am back in Student Council and am forming my own astrophysics club.  I can honestly say that Ben Kaplan is my true hero and without his inspiration and motivation, I wouldn't be where I am now."

Misty L. (Student) - Chicago, IL

"I have never heard a speaker as good as Ben Kaplan.  I was taking notes, shouting things out, and even dancing all during the course of the hour.  All my friends loved the presentation, too.  I really think every school should have him come speak."

Rita M. (Student) - Salt Lake City, UT

"This was my absolute favorite part of the conference. I really enjoyed watching and listening to Ben Kaplan. It was like watching a movie. He is really awesome and he really got me motivated and thinking."

Russell Scott, Syndicated Radio Host

"Ben possesses such wonderful information and enthusiasm.... He may be the next Tony Robbins."

Seaside High School

"A lot of information from various sources comes across my desk and sometimes I get to feeling that I know all there is to know on the subject.  My school sent me to your workshop and it was well worth the particularly nasty two-hour drive that night.  I came home with two pages of notes and began incorporating the information I got from you into my own workshops.  What impressed me the most was that I actually learned a great deal from you that I didn't know or hadn't thought of before."
--Cathy Kabanuk, Counseling Secretary

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Ben speaks with an energy and confidence that might remind an older generation of Dale Carnegie."

U.S. Senator John F. Kerry (Massachusetts)

"Anyone seeking higher education in America, young and old, should entertain Ben Kaplan's advice, not only for financial reasons, but to also share in the greater lesson he has to offer--anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

Weber State University

Inviting Ben Kaplan to speak to our students turned a good conference into a great conference. Ben worked with us to ensure that the content of his presentations coordinated with the theme of the conference and tailored his talks to our audience. He is engaging, enthusiastic, and has a great sense of humor. I agree with the students, Ben rocks!
--Yvette Rosenberg, Director, Student Support Services
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