Media + PR Promotion Kit for College Planners


Would you like to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of free media exposure?  Would you like to become the recognized expert in your local metropolitan area that TV producers, radio hosts, and newspaper reporters interview on a regular basis?  How about getting prospects to seek you out rather than the other way around?  

How to Become a Media Superstar is a one-of-a-kind set of services and tools that positions you to become the leading college expert in your metropolitan region.  It includes an online video course with Ben Kaplan, contact lists of key media personnel in your area interested in college-related topics, and proven templates that help you get booked and maximize your media exposure.

One unique aspect of this package is that Ben Kaplan is sharing contacts from his personal media Rolodex for the very first time.  Ben has appeared on more than 2,000 TV and radio shows and has been featured in thousands of local newspapers--including massive media exposure in all of the top 50 U.S. media markets (and most of the top 100 markets).

Ben has accomplished all of this without the help of outside publicists or PR firms.  In fact, a fundamental principle of Ben's approach is that you are your own best publicist--specifically because you are more invested in the results and know more about your subject than any publicist you could hire.  Furthermore, by pitching media on your own, you become the one who develops relationships with media contacts over the long-term--not your publicist.

Not only has Ben perfected the art of generating media coverage, but he's also a member of the media himself:  His popular "Scholars & Dollars" newspaper column was launched in The Oregonian (Portland's daily newspaper) in 2006.  In 2008, he launched a weekly radio feature on KMOX-AM, the #1 rated station in St. Louis.  Both are now syndicated nationally.  In this capacity, he has received hundreds of media pitches from a wide variety of experts--and carefully noted what techniques were most effective in capturing his interest and attention. 

Better yet, Ben has carefully tested over the years what works and what doesn't in each local region:  He's done the heavy lifting in gathering and updating his media contact lists so you don't have to.  You'll also have an immediate list of key contacts in your metro area to begin pitching right away.  This includes TV producers and on-air talent, radio producers and hosts, and newspaper editors and reporters.  Just grab the media pitch template and customize it with your own credentials, expertise, and information.

With media exposure like this you'll be able to quadruple the turnout of your prospect seminar, get invited by local schools for numerous speaking engagements, or even get your own blog on the website of the most prominent media outlet in the region (like one of Ben's consulting clients did).

Best of all, you'll be learning from someone who continues to garner amazing media coverage each and every day--and helps other large companies do it, too.  Ben has coordinated large-scale media campaigns for leading financial services companies such as Sallie Mae, Citibank, Discover Financial Services, and UPromise.

If you're not already on the speed dial of the leading media outlets in your region, this is an essential package that you simply can't afford not to get.

Topics Covered: 

An important aspect of this package is the online vdeo course with Ben Kaplan.  In this session, Ben describes a step-by-step approach to generating local media coverage. Some of the topics he covers includes:

  • How to best pitch TV producers, radio hosts, newspaper reporters, and magazine editors
  • How to get more online and social media coverage
  • How to use seasonal "news pegs" to make your company more "newsworthy"
  • How to quickly demonstrate your expertise to new media contacts
  • How to "pre-produce" a segment or story for the media
  • How to convert media exposure into website traffic and user data capture
  • How to transform a single media interview into regular repeat appearances
  • How to build and manage your own media contact list in minimal time
  • How to answer any media question by perfecting your "talking points"
  • How to add "buzz" to your interviews by using hot-button keywords and phrases
Product Features: 

This amazing media package includes:

  • Online video course: A comprehensive online video course with Ben Kaplan.
  • Radio contact list: A complete list of the top radio producers or show hosts in your metro region.
  • TV contact list:  A complete list of the top TV producers or on-air talent in your metro region.
  • Newspaper contact list:  A complete list of the top newspaper editors or reporters in your metro region.
  • Magazine contact list: A complete list of the top magazine editors or reporters in your metro region.
  • Online media contact list: A list of influential bloggers and online media contributors in your metro area.  
  • Media pitch template: A sample media pitch that you can e-mail right away to media contacts.
  • Media booking template: A sample e-mail that helps influence the interview format once you are booked.

When you purchase this package, you'll have many hundreds of media contacts at your fingertips.  And for each contact we include more than 20 different data fields:

  • Salutation: Customize your pitch by knowing the contact's gender.
  • First Name: Easily use the contact's first name to personalize your pitch. 
  • Last Name: We have verified the spelling of our contacts' last names.
  • Title:  Build a strong pitch catered to the contact's official title and position.
  • Outlet Name: Construct a great pitch by knowing which media outlet you are pitching. 
  • Media Group:  Segment your list based on whether it is broadcast, print, or Internet.
  • Media Type: Further segment your list based on specific type of media (TV, radio, etc.). 
  • E-mail: Use e-mails to quickly pitch multiple contacts at the same time. 
  • Phone Number: Add a personal touch by pitching over the phone.
  • Fax Number: If you're still using a fax machine, we've got you covered.
  • Home Page URL:  Browse the contact's web page in just one click.
  • Facebook URL: Start a conversation with your contact on this social media platform. 
  • LinkedIn URL: Better understand who you're pitching by checking out their LinkedIn profile. 
  • Twitter URL: Start a conversation with your contact at the digital 'watering hole.'
  • Other Social Media: Read their blog posts or watching their video on YouTube. 
  • Network: Prioritize media contacts that are broadcast on important networks. 
  • On-Air Time: Tailor your content for the AM Drive Time or the nightly news.
  • Unique Visitors: Easily segment digital media contacts based on their reach. 
  • Circulation: Easily segment print media contacts based on their readership. 
  • Address: Send direct mail or media kits (or visit the station in person). 

Want to see an example?  Shown below is a sample media contact for those targeting the San Francisco / Bay Area media market: 

So how do we get you the right media list?  Before sending you the media lists we will confirm your desired metro region.  If you prefer, you may choose a metro region other than your home region. Available metro regions include:

If your metro region is not included above, please contact us for additional possible metro regions.

Note that all media contacts mentioned above are delivered as either a Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or generic CSV file that can be imported into your favorite contact management or e-mail delivery program.

Along with your media contact list, you're going to absolutely love our media pitch and media booking templates.  These templates are ready to be used "as is," but can also be adapted and customized for future media bookings.  Ben has perfected these templates through a trial and error process over the past 10 years.

This is a unique service and resource offering that you can't find anywhere else!

Sample Video: 
Learn "How to Become a Media Superstar"

Learn why Ben Kaplan created the "How to Become a media Superstar" package. In this video he explains the motivation behind the product and the benefits you will receive when you purchase this package.

Product Reviews: 

Indy College Funding

"Our results have been amazing.  We have been featured on talk radio, local news and local talk shows for free.  We have been flooded with new prospective clients who look at us as experts due to the credibility that TV and radio has brought our firm.  We have used many consultants and marketing programs in the past that have been useless.  The best part about Ben's system is that he tells us exactly what to do, it is easy to do, and it works.  It is a huge benefit for our clients and we make money."

--Kurt Supe, President

Mary Hunt, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

"Ben’s enthusiasm and passion are infectious. And he’s not just talk. Ben knows his stuff and he’s so willing to share with all who will listen… I am a huge fan of Ben Kaplan."

The Boston Globe

“What Dr. Ruth does for the human libido, Ben aims to do for the tuition subsidy.”

The New York Times

"A talk-show and bookstore favorite."

The Washington Post

"As one well-worn Chinese proverb goes, 'to know the road ahead, ask those coming back.' In the case of paying for college, we'd want to ask Ben Kaplan."

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