Scholarship Applications That Rock!


Ever wondered why some scholarship seekers score big while other applicants fall flat? In this powerful workshop video, Ben Kaplan shows you precisely what it takes to win that life-changing scholarship prize.

Based on hundreds of exhaustive interviews with scholarship judges, administrators, and past winners, Ben shows you how to triple your chances of winning while substantially reducing the workload. In particular, you'll learn how to strategically address each scholarship's "hidden" judging criteria, build a personal narrative that gets you immediately noticed, and present your credentials in a way that highlights your strengths while minimizing your trouble spots.

Need a great essay without necessarily being a great essay writer? Ben shows you how to leverage personal experiences, powerful metaphors, creative content, and helpful feedback from family and friends to make your essay soar.

The bottom line is that most students who miss out on scholarships do so because they never have a clear picture of what is necessary to make their application a winner. For less than the price of a bucket of fried chicken or a bad haircut, you can rest assured that the effort you invest in your scholarship apps will reap maximum results in minimum time.

Topics Covered: 

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Creating a Priority Scholarship Calendar
  • Tracking Down and Managing Dozens of Scholarship Applications
  • Brainstorming Your Application Theme
  • Strategically Enhancing Your Record in Key Areas
  • Digging Up the "Hidden" Judging Criteria
  • Making Your Scholarship Essay Soar
  • Presenting Your Activities and Honors
  • Developing Quality Recommendation Letters
Who Should Participate: 

This workshop is ideal for current high school students, college students, grad students, and their parents (plus adult non-traditional students returning to school).  Additionally, it's great for the parents of middle school students who wish to help their kids get an early scholarship start.

Product Format: 

This workshop is delivered as a streaming video that you can watch on-demand whenever you like.  Because the video is delivered online, there are no shipping charges.  Yay!

All computer platforms are supported (including both PC and Mac). Additionally, you can watch the video on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or other mobile device.

For best viewing quality, the video is made available to you in high definition (HD). If you have a slower Internet connection, you can always watch the standard definition version that we also provide. Our player also supports full screen video (so you'll be able to click a button to make the video fill your entire monitor screen).

Once you purchase this workshop, a "SCHOL APPS (Video)" link will appear in your personal navigation menu (on the left side of each page).  You'll have instant access to the video.  Just click the link, hit the "play" button, and you'll be able to watch the video instantly. You can pause it, watch it multiple times, and instantly jump to any point in the video (especially helpful when going over your notes).  It's as simple as that!

Video Sampler: 
Scholarship Application Workshop Excerpt: Developing Your Theme

Ben Kaplan explores how to "paint a portrait" in your scholarship application.
Product Reviews: 

Al B. (Student) - New York, NY

“After attending your presentation, I was finally inspired and motivated to apply for scholarships. I have received a dozen scholarships so far.... In fact, I’ve won enough that my first year at NYU will be free of charge. I wrote this letter to thank you personally for all that your advice has meant to me.”

Clackamas High School

"I greatly enjoyed all of the "pearls" from Ben.  I especially liked the stories that related to the tips because I can use them with my students. However, what I liked best was his genuine enthusiasm regarding this complicated topic.  As a ASPIRE advisor, I feel very much inspired to help our kids!  
--Ellie Nagai, ASPIRE Advisor

Linda S. (Parent) - Montgomery, AL

"Your course was a fantastic investment. I am proud to say that my daughter, Emma, has been awarded over $21,000 in merit scholarships for her freshman year. Just last week she received a $10,000 scholarship. That was a mouth-dropping, God-praising time for us! We would never have had the courage or fortitude to pursue these scholarships if it weren’t for you."

Rebecca C. (Student) - San Diego, CA

"I have received over $35,000 in scholarships… I will be the first person in my entire family to attend a university and your guidance has truly been a stepping stone."

Sam Barlow High School (Gresham, Oregon)

Ben Kaplan's presentation got so many parents and students really excited to get to work. I had a room full of kids today digging through scholarship books and asking questions. I really appreciated the enthusiasm Ben portrayed, which immediately rubbed off on our students.

Ben's presentation was really motivating and entertaining, but most of all, it appealed to everyone and helped our kids to see that all of them have something to offer.

--Patty Neuenschwander, College & Career Center Coordinator

The Boston Globe

“What Dr. Ruth does for the human libido, Ben aims to do for the tuition subsidy.”
List Price: $39.95